CAD (Computer Aid Design) – CAM (Computer Aid Manufacturing)

CAD (Computer Aid Design) – CAM (Computer Aid Manufacturing)

CAD is designing porcelain teeth in a computer-aided environment. CAM is the production of porcelain teeth from porcelain blocks. In CAD-CAM technology, the dentist takes an impression with a special scanner. The scanning is then sent to the computer and the teeth are designed accordingly. Porcelain restorations are virtually designed to perfectly fit the patient's mouth.

What kinds of restorations are produced with CAD-CAM?

With CAD-CAM technology we produce restorations including porcelain veneers, indirect nano-composite restorations, zirconia, porcelain crowns without metal support and bridges.

Which dental problems can benefit from CAD-CAM?

Teeth with aesthetic and functional problems, malfunctions of chewing due to small deformities, color defects, teeth gaps, slightly crooked teeth, abrasion, broken teeth, short teeth, disproportionate teeth, teeth with functional problems, teeth with extensive missing tissue, bad chewing function due to missing teeth, aesthetic problems, and in teeth that constantly get food stuck in between them.