Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

What is the purpose of digital smile design?

Digital smile design is applied to patients who want a natural, confident and beautiful smile. This treatment gives patients a smile that matches their physical character and personality. This special concept contains all necessary factors for a patient to be satisfied with their dental treatment. The final result can be designed and displayed without any intervention to your teeth.

What are the stages of the digital smile design?

In this concept, we use professional high-resolution photography equipment and cameras to record the patient's current state. This allows a detailed analysis and design of the patient's smile. We use these photos and videos to prepare a personal smile design.

After the design is digitally prepared, our ceramist prepares a model in the lab. Then, this design is transferred into the mouth with a special material, again, without intervening with the existing teeth. We once again take photos and video recordings of the design so that the patient can see and compare the before and after. Together, the patient and dental professional evaluate recordings on screen. Changes are made if necessary, and only after the desired result is achieved, the permanent restoration stage begins.

What is considered when designing a digital smile?

When designing a smile, teeth, gums, face structure, skin, and lips are considered. We also make sure the design fits the sociocultural and intellectual identity and personality of the patient.

What are the advantages of digital smile design?

This concept brings digital technology and dental technology together. And the most important advantage is that it can be applied without any intervention to the teeth. So the patients don't worry if they will have any discomfort, or if the design will suit them. It gives them the comfort of deciding for or giving up on the treatment.