Dental Space Maintainers

Dental Space Maintainers

Baby teeth are followed by permanent teeth. The premature loss of baby teeth due to decay or trauma causes other teeth to move towards the open place. These undesirable movements of the teeth cause gaps, crookedness and other undesirable results. To prevent these, a space maintainer is used.

Why is using a space maintainer important?

In case of prematurely lost baby teeth, a space maintainer is crucial for keeping the space open to allow the permanent tooth to come into place. If that space is not maintained, then teeth can shift into the open space and orthodontic treatment may be required. Space maintainer appliances are custom-made by a dentist to fit your child's mouth.

What kind of space maintainers are there?

There are two types of space maintainers for children, removable and fixed. Fixed space maintainers are prepared and glued by taking support from the tooth next to the space. Removable space maintainers can be applied in case of multiple tooth loss, to complete occlusal function and missing teeth. This option can be put in at night.

Is there anything that should be avoided?

Stay away from gum or jelly. These can cause the appliances to fall off. In that case you would need to consult your dentist.

How should I take care of my space maintainers?

You must care for fixed space maintainers just like other teeth; brush on a daily basis. Removable space maintainers need to be removed during a meal. They should be put in once the meal is done and you have brushed your teeth.