Mouthguards are made of soft plastic and are placed between the upper and lower teeth. It acts as a soft cushion and removes contact between the teeth. This orthodontic treatment may be preferred for patients who have received orthodontic treatment and need reinforcement. Mouthguards usually cover the upper teeth and are designed to prevent tooth breaks, cut lips, and other mouth injuries. Mouthguards are also recommended for pressure relief for patient's who experience bruxism (teeth grinding).

Which type of mouthguard should be used?

There are tree types of mouthguards:

1- Stock Mouthguards
: They are made of PVC-based materials and come in various sizes.

2- Boil and Bite Mouthguards
: Prepared with a thermoplastic material, these mouthguards loose adaptation in time.

3- Custom-Fitted Mouthguards
: Your dentist will take measurements from your top jaw, design the mouthguard accordingly, and prepare a soft essix plate with a thickness of about 5 mm. This kind of mouthguard is individually designed and made for the patient.